How to Change Your Bank of America Pin Number

For ease of conducting monetary transactions, many people have been relying on Visa Cards from the Bank of America. The truth of the matter is that if you are in possession of a Bank of America Visa Card, circumstances might arise that call for the change of your PIN. Here are three different methods received from a trusted Bank of America representative on the process of changing your PIN.

Visiting a Local Branch

If you are not inclined to online banking or simply prefer doing things face to face, then visiting your local Bank of America branch is the perfect way for you to change your PIN. All that you need to do is approach a customer service representative or bank-teller and place your request for a new PIN number. Since the bank is in possession of all your personal information, all that is needed is a valid identification and the process to change your PIN will be initiated.

Call Customer Service

Bank of America offers a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, contact number that can be retrieved via the Bank of America website. If you choose to change your PIN using this option, a representative will initiate a question and answer session via the telephone and guide you through the entire process. However, it is important to note that your current PIN and other account information will be requested by the Bank of America representative to verify that it is indeed you initiating the PIN-change process.

Log-in to The Bank of America Website

Though most people are reluctant to use online services as the primary method of conducting bank transactions, Bank of America offers customers a secure website to look after their banking affairs. If this appeals to you, then logging on to your online account will give you the option to change your PIN via the website. After successfully logging in to your online account, all that you need to do is search for a convenient link that will guide you through the entire process. If for any reason you are experiencing difficulty, online support is available that can make it even easier for you to change your Bank of America PIN number.

Through the use of the aforementioned methods, changing your Bank of America PIN should be a hassle-free process. Don’t waste valuable time searching for ways to refresh your Bank of America PIN; this informative article has outlined all that you need to know to get that PIN changed.

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